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Bandito Slot 2

Pizza Ready Mod 1.7.0 Apk Download

Slot Bandito

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The grand launch of "Pizza Ready" is the ultimate pizza restaurant simulation game!

Are you ready to become the owner of your own pizza empire? This pizza shop game will immerse you in the world of pizza shops, teaching you all the knowledge of running a pizza business, from cooking, serving, cleaning, and even managing employees!

Manage your own pizza restaurant!

As the owner of a pizza shop, you will be responsible for everything from making and supplying pizzas to managing the store, recruiting, and upgrading your skills. Your goal is to make your store the best-selling pizza shop and become rich!

• Two sales windows: counter and drop in sales!

Experience the pleasure of not only accepting orders at the counter, but also at the drop in pickup channel! Efficiently serve hungry customers and witness the prosperity of your pizza business. With two sales windows, the likelihood of success will double!

Improve your human resources skills, hire and enhance employees!

Hire outstanding employees and enhance their skills, unleashing your inner potential as a human resources expert. Build a Dream Team to help your pizza business reach new heights!

Unlimited expansion, chain stores spread across various states!

Pizza Ready offers unlimited expansion opportunities. Not only can you expand your store, but you can also establish chain stores in every state! Becoming a national pizza tycoon and dominating the industry in an unprecedented way.

Endless fun and completely free!

Pizza Ready is full of fun and enjoyment. It is completely free, ensuring that everyone can participate in the fun of making pizza.

Download Pizza Ready now and experience the fun of running your own pizza shop!

Whether you like placement games, cooking, or just pizza, this game is perfect for you. Satisfy your thirst for excitement, challenge, and delicious food! Get ready to serve the world one by one!

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